• Pal Posak
  • Amélie Scordilis
500 pieces + 27 cards
34 cm x 48 cm


The Jigsaw

This fantastic landscape is definitely full of surprises! As you travel across its hilly roads, you’ll discover curious creatures and amazing places. Did you finish the jigsaw puzzle? The fun doesn’t stop there! Follow different paths and gradually reveal cards that match symbols you uncover. By laying them on top of the jigsaw puzzle, you’ll discover the outcome of your choices! How will you reach the temple?

The Illustration

For this creation, Pal Posak has created an illustration in a style that is both readable and accessible, and at the same time graphically powerful.

Try to find your way through this teeming forest while observing the many creatures that inhabit the area.

Pal Posak

Pal Posak knew from an early age that drawing and storytelling would be the pillars of her life. After studying applied arts and graphic design, she went on to study motion design at Gobelins, before returning to illustration at the Beaux Arts in Brussels.