Emilien Rotival
500 pièces
34 cm x 48 cm


The Jigsaw

Embark on an adventure of the century! What has become of this place several centuries later? By completing this Jigsaw puzzle, discover all the wonders of this city. It’s up to you to imagine the events that left their mark through history. Emilien Rotival revisits the universe of Ancient Knowledge, a game by Rémi Mathieu. 

The Illustration

Using an orange palette, the original illustration shows a city under construction that eventually disappears in flames. The altered version is intended to be calmer, with a city of imaginary architecture illuminated by the setting sun, on which the passage of time will be materialised by transforming the monuments. It’s not about destruction or science fiction, just inventing an alternative to the previous place.

Emilien Rotival

Drawing has been a hobby of his since he was a child, and he has always been fascinated by comics and games boxes. Trained as an engineer, Emilien Rotival decided, after a 7-year career, to return to his first love: drawing. He has been an illustrator for 10 years, and board games have gradually become his main activity, much to his delight.

His illustrations are particularly colourful and bright, and he has a real talent for managing light in sunny scenes. He prefers to illustrate fantasy worlds.