Paul Mafayon

1000 pieces
48 cm x 68 cm
19,7 in x 27,6 in

The Puzzle

Discover a puzzle that’s… unlike any other! You’ll need to put your imagination to the test by creating the scene that immediately follows the one shown on the box. Find your bearings and explore new details in the scene with each piece you add. This puzzle challenges your imagination piece by piece and reshapes the idea you had in mind. Enjoy this humorous challenge with an incredible spark of creativity!

The illustration

You might already know the story behind this illustration… It was created by Paul Mafayon in 2013 for the board game Bunny Kingdom, designed by Richard Garfield. He’ll remember this date for the rest of his life, because… it’s when he became a father! This is one of the card’s illustrations: the treasure hunter. This risk-taking rabbit keeps putting himself in impossible situations. What will happen if he touches this golden idol?

Paul Mafayon

Paul Mafayon is an illustrator from the Lille region of France. He currently specializes in board game illustration, but that hasn’t always been the case. His first experiences in illustration were with internet games, until the day he decided to design his own game and never looked back. What inspired him was the wide range of styles he could use for characters and settings. There was always a way for him to express his creativity and spark his imagination. His work is characterized by settings we sink into with just a glance, through their quirky, welcoming and humorous atmospheres.