Lorenzo Colangeli
1000 pièces
48 cm x 68 cm


The Jigsaw

Discover a puzzle… unlike any other! Here you can put your imagination to the test by reconstructing the scene immediately following the one presented to you. Find your bearings and explore the scene as you go. This jigsaw puzzle challenges your imagination by remodelling, piece by piece, the idea you had of it. It’s a tasty challenge, full of humour, and an incredible stimulus to curiosity!

The Illustration

“Knock, knock, room serv-ahhh!” What creature is slumbering in room #5? Complete this puzzle and discover the irresistible chain reaction taking place throughout this hotel from hell! Lorenzo Colangeli revisits the universe of Hellton Palace, the diabolical game by Jean-Baptiste Pigneur.

Lorenzo Colangeli

Lorenzo Colangeli’s background is a little atypical: he first studied Chinese language and culture. After a long stay in Beijing, he decided to return to his studies in a field he has always loved: illustration. Since then he has made it his job, and his illustrations can be found in animation projects, comic books and games.