Karl James Mountford
500 pièces
34 cm x 48 cm


The Jigsaw

Discover a puzzle… unlike any other! Here you can put your imagination to the test by reconstructing the scene immediately following the one presented to you. Find your bearings and explore the scene as you go. This jigsaw puzzle challenges your imagination by remodelling, piece by piece, the idea you had of it. It’s a tasty challenge, full of humour, and an incredible stimulus to curiosity!

The Illustration

The castle is far too quiet… What event is about to disrupt the royals’ peace? Complete this puzzle and discover the disastrous consequences of an accidental faux-pas! With lightness and humor, Karl James Mountford revisits the universe of Royal Visit, a game by Reiner Knizia. 

Karl James Mountford

Karl James Mountford is an illustrator living in Wales. He has always loved drawing and knew he wanted to do creative work. Naturally, he studied illustration. Today, he works mainly for literature. His style is colourful, angular and abundant. The illustration is based on the idea of the game “Royal Visit”, in which the players – the king, the joker, the magician and the guards – are at home in their own castle. The magician is preparing a new potion, but accidents happen and he may have accidentally destroyed the castle.