Oriane Dirler
1000 pieces
48 cm x 68 cm


The Jigsaw

Discover a new jigsaw puzzle experience… At first glance, you’re going to assemble the pieces of an illustration with a strong central character. But this character is not alone: an animal spirit accompanies him, and it’s only by plunging into the dark that you’ll be able to discover it.

The Illustration

In nature, good and evil, light and darkness, wonder and fear all merge. In this ambivalence, everyone can imagine their own story. Once you’ve put the jigsaw together, plunge into the darkness and welcome the animal spirit that accompanies this character. Silent and delicate, this warrior’s creature is just like her: bewitching, agile and implacable.

Oriane Dirler

Oriane Dirler finds her first inspirations in the cartoons of her childhood, comics, manga and illustrated books that she devours and decrypts. She is fascinated by the worlds she creates both digitally and in paint. Her style is characterised by its fantastic, poetic and sometimes dark aspects.