Desert Rings

Miguel Alonso
500 pièces
34 cm x 48 cm


Le Jigsaw

Caress these warm walls, both soft and sandy, following the lines of sight traced on the rock with your fingertips. Explore the canyon that reveals its forms to you bit by bit.

The illustration

Created in 2014, this illustration is the result of a personal challenge: Spanish artist Miguel Alonso wanted to evolve his style and, for the first time ever, created this piece dominated by a single colour.

Il met ainsi en scène ces deux personnages, insignifiants face à la beauté intimidante de ces anneaux, dont le reflet est bien la seule preuve du ciel bleu au dessus de leur tête.

Miguel Alonso

Miguel Alonso is a professional illustrator and 3D artist. Originally from Spain, he moved to Osaka in Japan to work as an artist after his studies. He joined an art school there and has now been working as an artist for 11 years. His work is characterised by saturated, phantasmagorical and supernatural atmospheres.