Daniel Liang
 width= 500 pièces
34 cm x 48 cm


The Jigsaw

Through mist and moss, face this imposing scene inspired by the Kudara Kannon – a famous Japanese Buddhist sculpture – in your quest for wholeness. 

The Illustration

Created in 2022 by Daniel Liang, this illustration is inspired by one of Japan’s most striking Buddhist sculptures, ‘Kudara Kannon’. The strength of this sculpture lies in its aura, which is both peaceful and powerful. 

Daniel Liang

Daniel Liang is a Taiwanese artist who is comfortable with both traditional and digital drawing. He is passionate about pairing ancestral figures with futuristic settings. He has loved creating since he was a child, attending drawing workshops and studying traditional drawing for 10 years. Digital drawing then absorbed him and its multiple possibilities, which allow him to bring to life places that no one has ever seen in this world. His work is a mixture of historical influences, ancestral aura and Futurism.