Raphael Lacoste
 width= 500 pièces
34 cm x 48 cm


The Jigsaw

Is this world as cold and disturbing as it first appears? Maybe not… Follow the subtle reflections of the distant sun and accompany these strangers on their journey. 

The Illustration

Created in 2021 by Raphael Lacoste, this illustration is accompanied by a story:

After several days on the plains, they passed between the cliffs and descended into the bay. The salty ocean air had cooled, after their passage through the swampy area where the dampness oppressed them.

Behind the last rocky ridge, the observatory stood there in the half-light. They could not have imagined such an imposing monument, even though they had been told about it: the observation towers and star antennae were lost in the clouds, like the spires of cathedrals in an ancient world in the mist.

Jack looked at his GPS device, we are 1 hour early, let’s go to the central dome to analyse the signal…

Raphaël Lacoste

A lover of drawing since his childhood, Raphael Lacoste is a Canadian artist who has mainly worked in video games, but also in Cinema and books. He likes to describe his work as atmospheric, immersive and fictional.